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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crimson Tears

The days I've seen have been fond
So seemed like we had a bond
Through everything that I ever had
Life had changed, thought it would never go bad
Through all thorns I picked a rose
It was her that I wanted, for that I chose

Throughout the night I would think
Think without even a blink
She was perfection, yet I was nothing
She was my world, thought I had something
But alas it was all too good to be true
The unspeakable happened out of the blue

And from what seemed like a flash
I watched my hopes and dreams crash
So told to me in the past was right
I shall never forget this very night
With everything torn apart and shred
Everything I had known now covered with red

I watch myself die slowly from within
Everything I know coming to an end
I watch alone as all I hear
Came true infront of me, my biggest fear
Thought that I had found happiness in my life
Thought that I would take her as my wife

Sweet thoughts of a new life in my heart
Sweet dreams of my own in my world
Alas her thoughts itself changed
Alas I lay battered and banged
Rivers of tears flow out my eyes
These crimson tears I cry with my eyes

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